Know the trends in web design

Web design is a constantly changing art that adapts and modifies according to advances in technology and usability. That is why every year we present the upcoming trends that aim to give each website a more modern, functional and user-friendly.

It is so fast the change in Internet that some web pages just 5 years old already look like relics of another century and need a refresh that makes them more useful to convert more.

That’s why in this note we will give you all the trends that will be furor in 2020 !

There are some things that are always in fashion, such as fast charging speed and adaptive design (compatible with mobile devices). However, the following design guidelines are ultra-modern and will become big trends in 2020.

Micro animation

Micro animations as the term well describes are subtle and small animations that are enough to enhance your website and give it a professional look and capture the attention of the user.

In addition to attractive micro animations will not noticeably affect the loading time and will be of great help to guide visitors to interact properly with your website.

Organic forms

Geometric shapes and straight lines have been a very marked trend in 2018 and 2019 but in this 2020 are replaced by organic lines.

That is to say those forms that emulate movement and that are fluid and asymmetrical like a hill, the water of a river or the clouds in the sky.

Fluid shapes are an excellent way to divide sections of a website without lines or rough angles and thus soften the visual appearance.

Minimalism (flat design)

When we talk about minimalism, sometimes called “flat design” we go back to its rise just a few years ago. And while it’s not a new trend in web design, it’s the way we’ll see minimalism.

It is Apple who leads the minimalist trend in the world and has always made use and abuse of white to give relaxation to the view, creating aesthetic designs and super stripped of objects that do not contribute significantly to the graphic piece.

This 2020 the idea is to keep the minimalist line but in a more colorful way. Incorporating in this way palettes of more audacious and vivid colors.

Strong colour

Colorful minimalism goes hand in hand with one of the biggest web design trends of 2020: color! Bright, bright, saturated colors help brands stand out and go against the soft, neutral tones that many companies have chosen in recent years.

Do you want to bet on colour?

Thumb-friendly mobile navigation

Responsive design is no longer an option. Today those websites that do not fit correctly to every worst selling mobile device and potential customers. But the new ten la in terms of graphic design is mobile navigation with the thumb. That is to say to achieve that a web is easily navigable so much in its menus or call to action with the use of the thumb.

Let’s think about it and this trend is super logical because the use of smartphone is growing and thumb navigation is the way we use our devices.

Pay attention the next time you browse a website and you’ll see how you use your thumb!

What exactly is “thumb-friendly”?

Placing the navigation bar, menu and even the contact buttons in the space that the thumb can reach (the center of the screen) in this way will make your site easier to use and improve its UX tenfold.

What happens to the 2019 trends

There are some trends that were popular in 2019 and will continue to be important in 2020:

Loading speed: fast loading times are and will be very relevant factors in terms of UX and SEO. This trend will continue due to its great importance.

Responsive design: We are multi-platform and therefore we must have websites that adapt correctly to each device.

Chatbot: The chatbot have come to stay because they are essential to give a correct customer service and oriented to tangible and positive results for businesses.

SSL Certificates: Google already marks every website that does not contain SSL certificate as not secure therefore even if you do not have a shopping cart to have your certificate is a guarantee that users browse quietly and without distrusting your website.