Digital magazine subscription: how does it work?

Digital magazine subscription: how does it work?

Did you know that you can access a digital magazine from anywhere with a good internet connection? That’s right! That’s one of the advantages of subscribing to a service like this, even if it doesn’t replace the pleasurable feeling of browsing through a printed issue.

The digital magazine is a trend and has become a great option for people who want to update themselves, but have a tight time in everyday life. You can carry with you many publications without the slightest physical effort, because they will be arranged in your virtual profile.

For those who have many commitments, such as trips, meetings and unconventional times to have lunch or return home, the subscription to a digital magazine came to offer the convenience of taking the information wherever you are.

In this post you will know that there are many advantages of subscribing to a digital magazine. The goal is to make available one more great reading tool for information lovers. Continue with us.

How does the digital magazine subscription work?

Advanced and innovative technology has created a new profile for people with a desire for knowledge in several areas. The urgency and speed with which information reaches any corner of the world today has also encouraged the media to reinvent themselves in the format of generating content.

It is a fact that printed versions alone are no longer sufficient to reach a reader with scarce time and accelerated routine. That’s why the digital magazine subscription was created – a practical, economical and global version.

By choosing a subscription, you will be able to access your digital magazine from a computer, tablet or even via mobile phone, because there are applications developed for the platforms according to the technological version and your expectations.

What are the main advantages of having a digital signature service?

The first word to think about the advantages of subscribing to a digital magazine is convenience and then comfort, convenience and economy – not to mention the dynamics and ease of reading.

We will explain in detail, but it is important to point out that knowledge occupies a special place in the lives of those who wish to position themselves in a differentiated place in the world – personally and professionally – and the magazine is committed to contributing to this evolution.


Digital magazines provide videos and interactive audio to complement your reading and understanding of a subject, which minimizes the cost you would have with multimedia material, for example.

The accesses are also an advantage, because from the moment you define a subscription, you will receive the data for access with login and password, and can use whenever you need in any device that has Internet, not being necessary the acquisition of a specific equipment.

Possibility of reading anywhere

At home, at work, in the restaurant, on the plane: with the subscription to the digital magazine, its location no longer matters. Access is immediate wherever you are.

And a fantastic advantage: even if you don’t have a great internet connection in a certain place, you can normally access your magazines offline if you have downloaded the past editions from the customized library.

If you can advance your readings during the day when you get home, you can devote more time to your family. Your career plans will not be compromised, nor will your personal moments be left until later.

In a digital platform, looking for a specific subject, you can go straight to the issue of the magazine that contains the article. The time savings are enormous with all the ease that virtuality offers.

A few clicks separates you from the information, making it easier for you to participate in the discussion wheels on the most varied subjects. In fact, this is a great strategy to become that differentiated professional and admired by the high knowledge and technical capacity.

The update will be a constant in your routine at any time and place, with a unique benefit of obtaining a substantial improvement in quality of life, because there will be more time to devote to social travel, family and friends.

Social connection with the world

And speaking of travel, imagine being able to research interactively about the most diverse places in the world that you want to know! There are magazines dedicated to show the reader many possibilities for different types of trips – backpacking, family, among friends, spiritual retreat.

The researches that you carry out will show about the local characteristics, the gastronomy, the habits and customs of the local people, the options of tourism and leisure, without counting the suggestions of landscapes.

You will already leave home knowing where to find the best of each place, enjoying unique moments that will be recorded in memory and photos, reminding you that you have a great resource to always present more news.

Setting up your private library

Many people maintain an enviable collection of paper magazines, exposing as true relics to visitors and friends. With GoRead, you can also build your own custom library with your favorite magazines, to access anytime and from anywhere.

GoRead is the largest digital magazine subscription platform in Brazil, with more than 200 titles available through an application that offers unlimited access to publications from all segments of more than 30 publishers – with access as many times as you like on up to four devices.

Technological progress has brought a new ideology to knowledge and presented countless possibilities of access to information in a fast, practical and efficient way.